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MORTA AR/ES – bigger is better


If something is good and has enjoyed continued popularity, should we change it? Take, for example, mobile phones – it seems that every other month, the producers come out with a new model, and each one has new features, better housing, designer shape, bigger and better screen... This makes you wonder, is bigger better?

MORTA is a new range of rings that have been offered in many versions in the past and enjoyed great popularity. Now, we are expanding our offer, and also expanding MORTA – literally.

The new model is 18 cm in diameter and fits AR 111 and ES 111 sources. This allows us to obtain a much stronger luminous flux than before and still enjoy our favourite luminaire (in a bigger version).

New models of MORTA AR/ES luminaires are made of 8 mm thick, polished glass and they are available in black and silver – in a square version (side length: 18 cm) and a round version (diameter: 18 cm). To everyone who knows and loves these popular and beautiful rings, their superb quality does not need explaining. All edges of the glass corpus are polished, and additionaly, they offer the option to adjust light direction within the range of ±20°. And of course, we can fit the new MORTA AR/ES luminaires to your installation – you can choose the base (Gx53 or GU10) and decide if the luminaire should operate on 12 or 230V.



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