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KANLUX BRAVO LED – safety, comfort and the highest quality


Until recently, raster luminaires with fluorescent lamps were an extremely popular type of luminaire to use in office spaces. This solution was popular mainly for economic reasons. However, year by year, in relation to this type of luminaire, the scales are becoming tipped more and more towards LED panels, which can be both flush-mounted and surface-mounted.

At present, it is the LED panels which are appearing increasingly often in all kinds of offices and public buildings, due to their durability and energy efficiency. Their advantage, apart from the design – their panels are flush with ceiling surfaces and adapt to practically every interior without interfering with their decors – is also a number of other possibilities (such as combining them in intelligent installations, and limiting the effect of glare), which were not always achievable with traditional luminaires.

Our new solution in this field is the whole range of Kanlux BRAVO LED panels. Modern light which you can use in various interiors. Kanlux BRAVO LED means a warranty of up to 5 years, thanks to the specially selected components, which create the highest-quality light for your comfort. You can choose between the Premium (BRAVO P) and Standard (BRAVO S) versions. The Kanlux BRAVO LED has a luminous efficiency of up to 120 lumens per watt and a power of 36 to 45 watts. For each panel there is a separate power supply, which you should remember to purchase.
For more information, please refer to our new BRAVO LED panels folder.


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