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Reliability and precision – the new motion detectors Kanlux SENTO and Kanlux SENZO


Motion detectors can replace various standard switches. Until recently, their main use consisted first and foremost in triggering alarms. Now they are also used in lighting control, air conditioning and many other household devices. We choose them to protect our property, save energy inside buildings and for our comfort. We present two new detector models: Kanlux SENTO and Kanlux SENZO.

Kanlux SENTO is an electronic device used to detect motion. Its uniqueness consists in installation of as many as three infrared sensors in a single detector. This guarantees unprecedented sensitivity and allows detection of even the slightest motion. Due to its untypical features, Kanlux SENTO is called a presence detector. Presence detectors are devices which are much more sensitive, capable of detecting even the slightest motion (e.g. typing), and are usually used in offices.

Kanlux SENZO is a motion detector used in automated lighting control systems. Special arrangement of the two infrared sensors in Kanlux SENZO makes it possible to use the device as part of systems in places with high ceilings, such as storage or production facilities. Its vertical range is an astounding 10 metres. Let’s assume that we would like the light to remain switched on for one minute. In the case of the simplest motion detectors, the minute-long countdown will begin the moment a person is detected, and after the minute has passed, the light will switch off for a moment despite the continued presence of motion. However, Kanlux SENZO controls lighting in such a way that the light will not be switched off as long as there is motion – the clock begins the minute-long countdown only when no more motion can be detected.

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