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Happy birthday Kanlux!


Radzionków - a small town, one of many in Poland and around the world. Why is it so important for us? Because it was here that Kanlux was born 30 years ago. Kanlux which understands your needs and changes the mundane reality. We share our passion with you and that passion is light - the light with which we want to illuminate your days and nights. Let us tell you our story.

Great things often start with small steps. This was also the case with us. We started with light bulbs and fluorescent lamps and worked our way to the introduction of LEDs. However, we saw the need to expand our portfolio and that is why we have added fixtures to the light sources so that you can find everything in one place. Fixtures for your home, work, garage, garden - all for your comfort.

We knew this was not all there was. We checked the needs of electrical installers and electricians. We have added new products to our lighting, which have complemented our portfolio. This is how the brand of our modular equipment, IDEAL TS by Kanlux, was born.

However, we wanted to go further, create light from start to finish – so we created the perfect equipment – MOWION by Kanlux. Thanks to this, we can now give you complete solutions – today, we can say that we provide you with light which we create from start to finish. From the flick of the switch, through the installation to its flash in the light sources.

We started out as a small family business from Silesia. To this day, our main office is located in Radzionków but today we light up the whole of Europe and keep reaching further and further. Our companies are located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and our representatives can be found in Lithuania and other Baltic States, in the United Kingdom, Italy and also in France, where our youngest company has just been established.

In 2015 we opened our logistics centre in Siemianowice Śląskie. A vibrant place that is lively  from early dawn, we do everything to get our products to you as soon as possible. Did you know that as many as 98% of shipments arrive at their destination the  day after the order?

In 2017 we opened our technology and exhibition centre, Kanlux TechPark, in Radzionków. This is where we welcome our customers, electrical installers, wholesalers, designers, architects and other partners. We are also visited by students and lecturers from the Silesian University of Technology, friends from the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development, the Association of Polish Electricians, as well as many other of our supporters. It is here that we organise training, meetings and show how we work, it is here that we create ideas!

Kanlux TechPark is also home to our research laboratory - Kanlux LAB, where we check and test our products, so that everything you buy is safe, and at the same time interesting and functional in terms of design. Here you can also take part in our research and check the safety of the light we offer you. Kanlux TechPark is where our inspirational place, Kanlux Showroom, can also be found. Here you will see our products in action. We will show you the most popular Kanlux products and novelties to come.

Now for the next stage - our own production in the Kanlux Factory, which is our newest venture. We create products from the best components. We adapt our fixtures to the requirements of lighting investments, so that everything is tailored specifically to your needs. Safety, perfect fit and quality warranty - this is what the products from the Kanlux Factory are all about. Kanlux ALIN, Kanlux OFIS and Kanlux FUTURIO are our latest fixtures. If you have not had the chance to get to know them yet, you should definitely check out what makes them so special.

Our continuous development, research and putting your safety first has resulted in the perfect light source – iQ LED Kanlux. We managed to enclose a piece of the sun inside the fixture and provide you with a safe light which cares about your and your family’s comfort, at home, at work, in every place where it accompanies you. IQ LED Kanlux is the magic of light confirmed by the most important technical certificate issued by TUV Rheinland. And do you have a safe light at home and in the office?

We feel that for 30 years we have been creating something great, right where we are, and maybe you become a part of this success by turning on the light at home, in the office or in the hall, because KANLUX is more than light. You can trust us, as for the past 30 years we have been creating good light and helping make dreams come true.

Kanlux S.A., ul. Objazdowa 1-3 / 41-922 Radzionków / tel. +48/32/388 74 00 / fax +48/32/388 74 99
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