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Kanlux IMINES – a unique lighting effect


Eyelets are a type of lighting fixture which gained popularity many years ago. This kind of fixture allows you to easily create a lighting system which best suits your needs, and is at the same time very functional. Thanks to these eyelets you can divide rooms into zones, and illuminate only the one where you want to be at that moment. You can use them to illuminate your home library, or the vicinity of the chair in which you like to sit while reading. Not everyone likes to watch TV in complete darkness, and it is the lighting of the room with the help of the eyelets which will come to your aid. Each zone in the room can have its own atmosphere, thanks to the eyelets.

However, this is not the only advantage of the eyelets. They have evolved enormously since their first appearance. You will find many eyelets, which, thanks to their elegant simplicity, will satisfy those who appreciate classic solutions. You can also choose from many decorative fixtures, which can sometimes simply shine with crystal or gold ornaments. Also the eyelet sizes differ greatly - from small, delicate fixtures to quite large ones, in which you can install several sources or a single large unit (for example Kanlux MORTA AR/ES). Some eyelets have additional advantages – whether in the form of an additional functionality, or effect. Kanlux IMINES is one of such eyelets. It is a unique fixture which has a surprising lighting effect - after turning on the light you get an additional, decorative, light ring on the edges of the fixture. It is a universal, white, round or square fixture, with a replaceable light source. So you can choose the colour and power of the bulb (GU10 cap) yourself, and thus match the light to the selected room.


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