Kanlux XLED: classic form, new quality of light


140 years ago, the incandescent light bulb was invented, and with it, the first safe source of light for mankind emerged. In the 21st century, incandescent lamps gave way to energy-efficient LED lamps. However, some of us like the old-fashioned light bulb better. It had a wide lighting angle, it was available in different wattages for specific illumination, and it has been around “forever”.
Today, history turns a full circle. Kanlux has combined all the advantages of a traditional incandescent light bulb with LEDs creating one product: a true “LED bulb”.

The best features of traditional incandescent light bulbs and LEDs combined into one. That is how the Kanlux XLED was born: the true “LED bulb”. When you take it in your hand, you see and feel a perfectly familiar design, complete with the bulb of glass, the traditional threaded shank and the filaments inside. When you switch it on, you will be surrounded by a wide ball of light with 320 degrees of lighting angle and just the illumination you need.
When you inspect a Kanlux XLED bulb closely, you will notice that the filaments are actually very durable LED filaments that consume very little electric power. You will also notice that the glass bulb form, size and shank thread are just like in a traditional incandescent light bulb. The lighting angle of the Kanlux XLED bulb is 320 degrees, or just like in traditional light bulbs. It is so wide because the glass bulb extends right down to the thread and maximizes the light distribution. You can also choose the wattage you need: the Kanlux XLED bulbs come in a very extensive line-up. You'll find the equivalent of a 25 W or a 100 W light bulb, and each features energy-efficient LEDs.
Kanlux XLEDs are also available in every colour temperature in the range: from warm to natural and cold.

You will also discover the Kanlux XLED that provides any colour temperature from the same LED bulb: warm, neutral or cold. Selected Kanlux XLED models feature a light dimmer functionality. With three dim levels, you can choose the right illumination for reading a bedtime story and leaving the light on for your child to sleep with.
Kanlux has combined the traditional with the state of the art: choose the new quality of light in a classic form. Choose XLED by Kanlux.

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