ISO Certificate

On 11 March 2014, we have successfully completed the recertification audit process validating the conformity with the ISO 9001:2008 standard (certificate number PL11000076/U) with regard to the import and wholesale distribution of lighting and electrical installation equipment. The auditors from the Bureau Veritas certification unit once again confirmed that the Quality Management System functioning in the Kanlux S.A. company is compliant with the ISO9001:2008 standard.

Certyfikat ISO

The quality management system implemented in Kanlux S.A. as early as in 2004, meets the requirements defined in the ISO 9001:2008 standard and it is adjusted to the processes, organizational structure, resources, and the characteristics of the activity run by the company. The quality management system implemented in the company serves as a guarantee that the client�s requirements are interpreted in the appropriate way during the processes run in the enterprise and connected with its basic activity, and that the product delivered to the client complies with their requirements. The product itself, on the other hand, is constantly improved on the basis of information obtained from measurement processes as well as from additional objective measurements of client satisfaction.

The implementation of the Quality Management System in Kanlux S.A. was motivated by one basic goal: gaining better understanding of the clients� needs and satisfying them more efficiently thanks to that knowledge. The certification audit, further control audits, and the recertification of the System clearly confirmed that this goal was achieved; however, in order to more deeply explore the requirements of our recipients, we constantly improve and we will improve the procedures functioning in our organization.

* The certificate confirming the fulfillment of the ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements was issued on the basis of the quality management system implemented and used thanks to the financial help of the European Union. The responsibility for the contents of this document rests with Kanlux S.A., and the views expressed in it do not reflect the official position of the European Union in any way.

Solvency certificate

Certyfikat ISO

Kanlux S.A. awarded with the AEO Certificate

On 9th September 2011 Kanlux S.A. was awarded with the AEO CERTIFICATE (Authorised Economic Operator) no. AEOF330000110026, issued by the customs administration.

Certyfikat ISO

The AEO Certificate is issued only for trusted traders after having conducted a thorough audit of the entire company by the customs administration. The official audit is to determine by the customs authorities if a particular company meets the criteria for the operation defined by the European Union, through the risk assessment of any hazards and deficiencies in key areas for business related to the commodity turnover with foreign countries:

  • the area of financial solvency,
  • the area of compliance with customs requirements,
  • the area of trade and transport records,
  • the area of compliance with safety and security standards.

In all the above-mentioned areas, our company scored high rates (low risk of danger).

The Certificate confirms that our company is an authorized trader that maintains the security and organizational discipline in the logistics chain of supplies, trusted for all customs administrations. The AEO status granted in one of the EU Member States is recognized throughout the European Community.

The AEO status entitles one to benefit from facilitations with regard to customs controls related to security and safety and/or from simplifications provided within customs provisions. With regard to the customs control related to safety and security, the entrepreneur can use the following facilities:

  • he is subject to fewer physical and documentary inspections than other entrepreneurs,
  • in case of selecting the subject for the inspection, this inspection is carried out as a priority,
  • it entitles the entrepreneur to receive from customs offices a prior notice about the shipment designated for inspection,
  • it entitles the entrepreneur to submit to a customs office the import summary declaration with limited range of data security,
  • it gives the possibility to request an inspection of supplies, at a place other than the customs office.

The success is even greater because among the possible types of certificates to be awarded with, relating only to the individual above-mentioned areas, the AEO Full Certificate obtained by our company is the most difficult certificate to obtain ever, covering all the above-mentioned areas and benefits associated with it. In the Silesia region in Poland, there are only few companies that have obtained the full certificate.

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