Kanlux SA Research Laboratory

The Kanlux SA Research Laboratory is one of the key departments of our company. It plays a huge role in our R&D activities.

The lab is equipped with over 80 different types of measuring instruments kept under constant metrological supervision and focused on several research positions. They enable to carry out comprehensive, reliable and accurate testing of products, in accordance with current directives and standards.

These include, but are not limited to:
  • a test station for preliminary assessment, electrical measurements and functionality research of tested products,
  • a test station for electromagnetic compatibility - measurement of interference emitted to the network by the tested devices
  • a test station for parameter testing of emitted light by the tested light products - equipped with two spherical luminometers (with diameters of 1.0m and 2.0m), spectrophotocolorimeters and an ultra-fast photometer,
  • a photometric darkroom equipped with a goniometer, used to determine the photometric data for design purposes (3D visualizations of the lit objects and rooms),
  • a test station for testing the resistance and durability of isolation in products and continuity of the protective circuit of tested lighting fixtures,
  • test stations for testing the resistance of polymers used in products to heat and fire,
  • test stations for testing the stability of products, equipped with, among others, a draught free chamber,
  • test stations for testing the resistance of lighting fixtures to penetration by solid bodies, dust and water,
  • test stations for testing the mechanical strength of lighting fixtures.

The main task of the laboratory is to carry out a wide range of tests to verify the compatibility of our products with current directives and standards, while maintaining adequate levels of safety, quality, durability and functionality of these products.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired during research, we are able to offer you high quality products with real parameters, fully compatible with the data declared on the packaging, in instruction manuals and in other materials. We can also respond in a flexible and quick manner to market needs by introducing the most modern and thoroughly verified technology solutions.

Our team of engineers, which possesses great knowledge and experience, in combination with the extensive equipment of the Kanlux SA Research Laboratory and its own, constantly updated and with over 200 entries library of standards, ensures that our products are reliable and meet quality, safety and functionality requirements.

Kanlux S.A., ul. Objazdowa 1-3 / 41-922 Radzionków / tel. +48/32/388 74 00 / fax +48/32/388 74 99
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