Logistic system

To provide our customers with the highest quality service, we have introduced in our company the "tailor-made" ERP2 type software supporting business management. Using this system enables us to improve many processes affecting directly or indirectly the customers satisfaction level of the cooperation with Kanlux. As regards the logistics, owing to the introduction of the system we have taken the advantages in the following areas:

  • Availability of the offered products

ERP type system enables to analyze precisely the stock demand for the next few months. Owing to the information generated by the system we can evaluate the market demand for the particular items of our trade offer and on this base we can rationalize our stock economy. From our customers point of view this function guaranties a very high level of orders implementation

  • Implementation of orders within one day

The customers orders placed by fax, e-mail or the website are being inserted to the data base, where they are verified automatically. Within a few hours since receiving the order it is processed as regards the documentation and directed to the stock house. There, a team of warehouse workers prepares the consignment according to the FIFO (first in - first out) and on the same day it is taken by the shipping company cooperating with us. The consignment is delivered to our customers the next day after placing the order.

Owing to the software integrated with the website, everyone who is linked to the internet is able to check the order status at any time.

Perfectly-organized customers logistic service is, without any doubts, one of major Kanlux S.A. advantages and determines our competitive superiority.

Kanlux S.A., ul. Objazdowa 1-3 / 41-922 Radzionków / tel. +48/32/388 74 00 / fax +48/32/388 74 99
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