Kanlux in the world

Kanlux s.r.o. / Czech Republic

The beginnings of the Kanlux s.r.o. company reach back to the year 1999. In the several years of its existence, the company has become an unquestionable leader of the Czech lighting industry. From the very beginning, Kanlux s.r.o. has put a lot of attention on providing professional service to its sales partners. Apart from the infrastructure that makes it possible to maintain a high stock balance, the company has also purchased an IT system of the ERP class thanks to which it is possible to reduce the customer waiting time for the delivery of their order to one day. Also a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001 standard was introduced in Kanlux s.r.o. The certification audit was conducted by the most well known certification company in Europe – TÜV Austria. The company maintains very high dynamics of turnover increase. Currently, Kanlux s.r.o. serves over 500 commercial entities. The enterprise provides lighting products to clients in the Czech Republic, as well as in Austria, Slovenia, and Montenegro. They are directly managed by Regional Sales Managers. The managers are responsible for direct contacts with business partners and for obtaining new clients.

Kanlux s.r.o. / Slovakia

The Slovakian Kanlux company was separated from the structures of the Czech Kanlux company at the beginning of 2007 and, despite a short period of its operation, it has become one of the largest leaders in the lighting industry among the companies of a similar profile operating on the Slovakian territory. The company headquarters are located in the city of Trencin. The company employs staff that had formerly been employed by the Slovakian branch of the Czech Kanlux company. The employees have a lot of experience in the lighting industry, they know the clients very well, and they understand their needs. Similarly to other Kanlux companies, the people employed in the Slovakian company are responsible for personal contact with business partners and for gaining new clients, also during the largest trade fair in Slovakia – Elosys, and during the International Furniture and Interior Equipment Trade Fair in Nitra during which the Kanlux s.r.o. company has presented its assortment as one of the exhibitors for many years.

Kanlux Kft. / Hungary

The Hungarian Kanlux Kft. company was founded in 2004. Its founders were the general managers of Kanlux S.A. and Mr László Szücs, the owner of a wholesale warehouse which had previously acted as the exclusive distributor of Kanlux products on the Hungarian territory. In the early period of its operation, the company employed four employees, which fully satisfied the needs of the enterprise at that time. Now there are five Regional Sales Managers alone. The headquarters of Kanlux Kft. are located at Bácsai út 153/b in the city of Győr. The company occupies an office building and a warehouse of the total area of over 300 m2. The General Manager of Kanlux Kft. is its Hungarian co-owner, Mr László Szücs. Thanks to the hard work of the whole Kanlux Kft. team, the company has been gradually expanding and gaining more and more new clients. Today the company already serves over 200 commercial entities across the entire territory of Hungary.

TOB Kanlux / Ukraine

The TOV Kanlux company started its operation on the territory of Ukraine in 2009. One of the first clients of the company was the German DIY store – OBI – with the assortment encompassing 200 commodity items. Now we are a reliable partner for almost all of the DYI chains in Ukraine, including: Epicenter K, Nowa Linia, OBI, Praktiker, Leroy Merlin and Auchan, as well as for wholesale recipients. In order to maintain a constant stock balance, we occupy a warehouse with the total area of 700 m2. The company employs a thirteen-person team of employees including four Regional Sales Managers managing the distribution of the products on the territory of Ukraine. TOV Kanlux is a company actively promoting modern energy-efficient lighting technologies on the Ukrainian market. Thus, the Ukrainian company contributes to the increase of energy efficiency in the country and to the protection of the natural environment.

OOO Kanlux / Russia

The Russian OOO Kanlux company has been operating on the market since the end of 2011. From the very beginning of its operation, the employees of the company have been proving to the potential clients that the customer service standards developed throughout the years of operation in Poland as well as in neighboring countries are of great value to them and constitute a competitive advantage of the Kanlux brand. In order to satisfy the needs of its clients, the company provides a wide range of lighting equipment from the warehouse in Moscow. The international lighting equipment trade fair INTERLIGHT which was organized in Moscow in November 2011 provided the company with a great opportunity to present a wide selection of new products as well as products from the current offer to important players on the Russian market. The company plans to start cooperation with several large distribution companies which will be able to supply Kanlux products to clients in the most distant corners of the country.

Kanlux EOOD / Bulgaria

The Bulgarian EOOD Kanlux company has been operating on the market since 2011. Since its very beginning, it provides products of the Kanlux brand to a few large wholesale recipients whose task is to distribute them across the whole country. Through its partners, the company sells a wide range of products to the most important lighting equipment sellers on the market, including the PRAKTIKER and BAUMAX chains of DIY stores. The company uses a modern logistics-storage center – GOPET – localized in the city of Kazichene near the Sofia ring road. From the warehouse operated by an expert team of GOPET staff, products of the Kanlux brand are delivered not only to Bulgarian clients, but also abroad. The company supplies clients in the neighboring countries, including Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Kanlux GmbH / Germany

The German Kanlux GmbH company is located in Dortmund. It started its operation in December 2011 and since then, it has been quickly gaining new clients, extending the distribution network of Kanlux products to particular regions of Germany. The employees of Kanlux GmbH are responsible for serving the clients, direct contact with them, but also for gaining new clients, for example during the largest lighting trade fair Light+Building in Frankfurt during which the German company as one of the exhibitors has been able to present their products and to meet both new as well as existing sales partners every year starting from 2010.

Kanlux Lighting S.R.L. / Romania

The Romanian Kanlux Lighting S.R.L. company started its operation in April 2011. From the very beginnings of its operation, its goal was to reach the largest number of clients possible, basing on the awareness of the brand developed in a few years of operation of local distributors stocking up on Kanlux products directly in Poland. The possibility to purchase most of the assortment from a warehouse of the total area of 700 m2 located in Bucharest has made Kanlux offer much more attractive for its regular as well as new customers. The employees of the company contact their clients on a regular basis making sure that every one of them is provided with the most extensive information regarding the assortment of products offered. Thanks to that, many of the wholesale and retail sale companies significant on the market, including the ARABESQUE chain of construction material sales centers, have become the clients of the company.

Czech Republic
Kanlux s.r.o.
Sadova 618
738 01 Frýdek-Místek
Česka republika
Phone +420 558 402 511
Phone +420 558 694 881-2
Fax +420 558 694 250
e-mail: kanlux@kanlux.cz

Kanlux s.r.o.
M. R. Stefánika 379/19
911 01 Trenčín
Phone +421 327 446 385-6
Fax +421 327 446 387
e-mail: kanlux.sk@kanlux.sk

Kanlux Kft.
Bácsai út 153/b
9026 Győr
Phone 0036 96 525-467
Fax 0036 96 319-420
e-mail: info@kanlux.hu

TOB Kanlux
08130 Київська обл.,район Києво-Святошинський
с.Петропавлівська Борщагівка
вул. Леніна 1Б оф. 313
тел. +38(067)4430745
тел. +38(044)5853319
факс +38(044)5853318
e-mail: kanlux_ua@kanlux.com

OOO Kanlux
Угрешская улица, д. 2 стр. 15., 115088, г. Москва
Российская Федерация
тел. моб. +7 917 562 72 64
e-mail: russia@kanlux.com

Kanlux EOOD
Warehouse area Gopet Logistics, 1532 Kazichene, Sofia
Phone +359 2 421 96 24
Phone/Fax +359 2 421 96 23
e-mail: kanlux.bg@kanlux.com

Kanlux GmbH
Flugplatz 21, 44319 Dortmund
Phone: +49 2315 6557255
e-mail: kanlux.gmbh@kanlux.com

Kanlux Lighting S.R.L.
Intrarea Binelui 1A, Sector 4
042159 Bucuresti
Phone +40 371 474 133
Fax +40 372 876 878
e-mail: comenzi@kanlux.com

Kanlux S.A., ul. Objazdowa 1-3 / 41-922 Radzionków / tel. +48/32/388 74 00 / fax +48/32/388 74 99
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