Regulations of using, and websites

  • (regulations function) Herewith regulations describe the rules, scope and terms of using both, and websites, the "Kanlux Websites" hereafter.
  • (using the websites is an automatic acceptance for the regulations) Using Kanlux Websites by any of User means the User has read and understood the herewith Regulations, and agrees to obey it as well as to act according to the obligatory law regulations, the personal properties, industrial property and copyrights in particular. Disapproval of the Regulations conditions prevents from using the Kanlux Websites.
  • (Websites owner) Kanlux Websites are held by Kanlux S.A. located in Radzionków 41-922, 1-3 ul. Objazdowa; registered under the number of KRS0000163575 in Register of Companies by the District Court in Gliwice Native Court Economic Division.
  • (access limit) Kanlux S.A. reserves the right to limit, suspend or close partly or entirely the access to Kanlux Websites at any time, for any period of time, for some or all Users without giving any reason.
  • (no quality guaranty) Kanlux S.A. gives no guaranty for remittance and reception quality of Kanlux Websites.
  • (personal use only; legal protection) Contents of Kanlux Websites including the materials presented there are the ownership of Kanlux S.A. and legally protected by regulations of intellectual property protection in particular. Users of Kanlux Websites have the right to browse Kanlux Websites and print or save the files with materials presented at these websites only for their personal use provided that they would not delete from printed or saved files the information about copyright and other rights as well as some notes made by Kanlux S.A.
  • (decorum) Using Kanlux Websites the Users should obey the decorum and regulations, etiquette of internet community in particular.
  • (personal use transgression) ) Using Kanlux Websites in a way transgressing the personal use is forbidden. Users accept as a fact they have no right to change the contents of Kanlux Websites, complement or link them with other works, duplicate, propagate or provide the access in any other way, send or provide access in software and network or any other systems of sending information including.
  • (trade marks) All the trade names, names of products and other individual marking, graphic ones including, presented at Kanlux Websites being trade marks reserved by Kanlux sp z o.o are legally protected, by the Industrial Ownership Act of 30th of June in 2000 regulations (Journal of laws of 2003, no. 119, 1117 position with changes); so using them in any way is only possible under the prior written concert of the entitled person.
  • (Secure responsibility) Users are obliged on their own to secure themselves against software rots, itself-copying software, "Trojan horses" and other dangers which may be added to Kanlux Websites or some websites which are linked to Kanlux websites.
  • (own risk of Users) Users who save some materials of Kanlux Websites or some websites which are linked to Kanlux websites do it at their own responsibility and risk.
  • (A right to no respond) The Users take it as a fact and accept that Kanlux S.A. and anybody else making the contents enclosed on Kanlux websites accessible, in the broadest legal extent, bears no responsibility for any direct, indirect or of collateral character damages resulting from Kanlux S.A. taking or abandoning actions in respond to massages from Kanlux websites' Users sent by e-mail or any other ways. Particularly, in any case, Kanlux S.A. bears responsibility towards any third party for loss of profits, economic activity disturbances, loss of software or any other data from service information system and other systems, even though Kanlux S.A. has been informed about possibility of damages appearance.
  • (Reliability of information) Information and materials enclosed on Kanlux Websites have been elaborated by Kanlux sp. z o. o. or in its order in good faith and based on sources considered to be reliable, however Kanlux S.A. in no case bears responsibility for reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information and materials enclosed on Kanlux Websites and gives no guaranty for infringing any third person rights by using them on the websites. The User uses the information enclosed on Kanlux Websites at his own risk.
  • (Hyperlinks to different entities) Kanlux S.A. does not represent any other internet service available by hand of Kanlux Websites. Passing to another websites of different entity it's worth remembering that the websites and information given there are not managed and supervised by Kanlux S.A., even if there is Kanlux logo. Moreover, inserting a hyperlink of a different entity website does not mean that Kanlux S.A. bears any responsibility of using the website and the information it contains.
  • (information are not the offer) Any information Kanlux Websites contains are not the offer of selling any goods or presented at Kanlux Websites so it can not be a base to any claims of dealing a sale of good or service.
  • (trade changes) Kanlux S.A. can make improvement or changes in described at Kanlux Websites products or trade solution, at any moment without an obligation of informing the Users.
  • (information and available goods) The information at Kanlux Websites may contain information, reference or hyperlinks to products, software and services of Kanlux S.A., which were not foretold or even available in relevant country. This kind of reference does not mean Kanlux S.A. intends to introduce the products, software and services. To get the information about the products, software and services available at relevant area please contact with local representative of Kanlux S.A.
  • (presumed acceptance for using received materials) ) Kanlux S.A. does not expect from the Users sending by the hand of Kanlux Websites inside or reserved information. All the information and materials sent to Kanlux sp. z o.o by the hand of Kanlux Websites are considered not to be secret. Sending information or materials to Kanlux S.A. is equal with giving Kanlux S.A. the unlimited, irreversible right to using, copying, presenting, modifying, sending or distributing these information and materials. Kanlux S.A. has also right to using unrestrictedly all ideas, conceptions and techniques sent to Kanlux S.A. for any purpose.
  • (change of regulations) Kanlux S.A. reserves the right to change the above regulations at the discretion of itself at any time without giving any reason by inserting the changed Regulations at Kanlux Websites. Inserting new Regulations at Kanlux Websites will always be indicated at the sites and checking of any changes is a User's obligation. Using Kanlux Websites after inserting changed Regulations is regarded as a User permit for the changes.

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