What makes us different?

Check why it's worth choosing IQ LED by Kanlux
We value clear rules.
That is why you get a 3-year warranty on every IQ LED Kanlux product
We have been part of your life for years. Kanlux is not a debutant - it is one of the most-experienced Polish companies in the industry
German Certificate of Excellence
For Kanlux, the TÜV certificate is a reason to be proud, and for you a guarantee of credibility
Safe and comfortable light
IQ LED Kanlux stands for complete photobiological safety, eye-friendly colour temperature, timeless design,
and reliability
  • Graphic symbols showing the colour of light and a comparison of the power consumption with that of conventional light bulbs

    IQ LED Kanlux helps you save money

    This is mirrored not only in competitive purchase prices, but also in low power consumption

    IQ LED Kanlux provides the same light output as a traditional 100W light bulb (GLS), with almost 7-times-lower electricity consumption

  • Graphic symbols representing
    the light colour

    IQ LED Kanlux -  lets you see clearly

    IQ LED Kanlux is available in 3 light colours to choose from (2700K, 4000K, 6500K), depending on which kind of light you need at any given time

  • Dimming-function
    symbol: DIM

    Unique LED bulbs with adjustable light intensity

    DIM is a shining star in the firmament of all the products in the IQ LED Kanlux line. It is a unique LED bulb which allows you to smoothly adjust the light intensity

  • Graphic symbols showing
    the features of IQ LED Kanlux products

    Warranty, safety  and quality

    We meet the strictest technical and optical standards, which is why our products are eye-friendly and safe, and, what is more, we give a 3-year warranty with every IQ LED bulb!

  • Symbol with the TÜV Rheinland
    certificate number

    The renowned TÜV Rheinland certificate

    Our technology was appreciated by TÜV Rheinland, from whom we received a certificate confirming the highest level of quality and safety

  • Znak graficzny przedstawiający
    wysoką wartość Ra

    Prawdziwe kolory

    Wybierając IQ-LED Kanlux z wysokim wskaźnikiem oddawania barw Ra95 decydujesz się na naturalne postrzeganie kolorów.

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Check why it's worth choosing IQ LED by Kanlux
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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How do the IQ LED Kanlux sources differ from other items in the Kanlux range?
Most importantly, a 3-year warranty, the highest quality of components and specially selected LED's for the whole range of the IQ LED Kanlux products. An additional advantage is the high color rendering index for the GU10 version. We have dedicated a lot of time to make this product the best of the best, which is confirmed by the TUV certificate for this range
If IQ LED Kanlux bulbs are so good, then are the other Kanlux sources bad?
The other products are, of course, very good. The difference is the special selection of components, perfectly matched LED's. and quality. confirmed by the German TÜV certificate
Why IQ? What does the name mean?
IQ is the intelligent choice. The best quality and well-thought-out solutions
Will new products be added to the IQ LED Kanlux line?
Yes, we plan to develop the line with new products, which will be of an equally high quality standard An example of new implementations are A67 and GU10.
Which types of bulb are available in IQ LED by Kanlux?
IQ LED's are the A60, A67 (traditional), C37 (candle) and G45 (ball) bulbs and GU10 (spot)
Is IQ LED present in all colour temperatures?
Yes, IQ LED by Kanlux is available in 3 colour temperatures - 2700K (warm white), 4000K (white), 6500K (cold white)
Can these sources be used with a dimmer?
Yes, we sell products which work with dimmers. These are the products marked with the special DIMMING function symbol on the packaging.
Does IQ LED by Kanlux work with dimmers on even more products in the Kanlux range, and if so, with which ones?
Soon we will be selling dimmers dedicated to IQ LED by KANLUX.
How long do IQ LED's last?
The LED's in the IQ LED Kanlux products line can operate for up to 25,000 hours!
For which rooms will IQ LED Kanlux light sources be suitable the most?
IQ LED is designed for all rooms, and is available in three different colours, sizes and shapes, as well as in a version with a dimming option, so you can choose the right light for each room
Are these sources safe for the eyes? What is photobiological safety?
IQ LED Kanlux products are photobiologically safe. This means that our light sources do not pose a threat to the eyes with blue light, infrared (IR) or UV-A radiation. They also do not pose a thermal threat to the retina or the skin
What is TÜV?
“TÜV is a product and service certification body, renowned almost across the whole globe. At the same time it strives to achieve and ensure the perfect quality and complete safety of services and products. Receiving a TÜV certificate entailed an audit at the Kanlux research laboratory, and a thorough inspection of the product and the production process. The TÜV certificate means that reliability, safety and the highest quality of the product can be guaranteed”
Why TÜV instead of Polish certificates?
We wanted the certification to be done by a company which has gathered experience around the world and is recognised on markets worldwide
Where can I buy the IQ LED by Kanlux?
Our products can be found at wholesalers and in selected construction market chains